I’ll Have What’s She’s Having

Dear Friends,

With its sweeping vistas of fall foliage in Central Park and its quintessentially 90s, RomCom plotline, When Harry Met Sally captured the cultural zeitgeist and earned its place atop the favorite movies list for years. While somewhat dated now, its uproarious punchline has remarkable staying power.

“I’ll Have What’s She’s Having” as a theme stands on its own. Today, as busy women, whether it’s running to the office or running kids around town, time is precious. When it comes to figuring out technology and how best to use it in everyday scenarios, why should any of us have to re-invent that proverbial wheel?

This theme is central to Heard It From A Friend’smission. Since we’ve already tackled many of the challenges that confront us all when it comes to managing technology on the homefront, we’d love to save you the time and the headaches. From digital calendaring to the Google platform, monitoring our kid’s social media to the best parental controls options, we’ve got you covered.

Now through Our Texting Line, you can tap into our learning curve and literally ask us anything technology-related. If we’ve answered the question before, we’ll serve up best practices with a readied response. If not, we’ll happily take your question into our research queue and report back for the benefit of us all.

Here’s to building Our Collective Wisdom!

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Our Texting Line:

We’re inviting Our Friends to help us test this out. Send us your technology-related questions. Here are some examples to get you started:
  • I set up Screen Time, but it’s not working. Why?
  • How do I monitor my child on Instagram?
  • Do you have any advice for dealing with YouTube?

texting, crack the code, calendar, friend of the month, best practices, technology

Tech Tip #33:  Crack the Calendar Code Find What Matters in Seconds!texting, crack the code, calendar, friend of the month, best practices, technology

The Family Calendar is the central nervous system running through the family, and usually, all activity centers are lit up.  When you want to see important dates and related events in one glance, use this trick. You can see your kid’s health appointments and all those random days off from school quickly, without ever having to create a separate calendar… See here.

Friend of the Month: Linda Lynch

texting, crack the code, calendar, friend of the month, best practices, technologyOur Friend, Linda Lynch, is one of the most dedicated parents we know. When it comes to technology and her kids, Linda is on it! Like us, Linda is a big believer in starting slow and granting more technology privileges as kids demonstrate readiness. And as it turns out, Screen Time and OurPact are even better together as teaching tools.

Linda was also game to tackle digital calendaring. The ‘schedule’ really is the lifeblood of every family, and while we can’t promise to minimize 100% of redundant questions, a system that works certainly does help. Here’s to making room for more meaningful conversations :).

See here.

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