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Dear Friends,

In these last few weeks, there have been some eye-popping headlines in technology land. The story that really captured our attention was the launch of Apple’s new credit card. And no, it wasn’t for its perks, but rather its pitfalls, which ran deep.

Algorithmic tools were at the heart of the controversy, as they determined who would receive credit and in what amount. David Heinemeier Hansson, a well-known software engineer, went viral on Twitter when he revealed that he had received 20x more credit than his wife Jamie, despite the fact that she had a higher credit rating and more extensive credit history. This was not an isolated incident, and David argues that this type of inherent bias surfaces when algorithmic tools are designed without the female perspective represented (generally the case, given that 90% of developers are men). While Jamie says she eschews the public spotlight, she too spoke out to underscore the broader implications — for example, the impact on women who use credit to fund startup expenses for their businesses. 

No one is claiming the bias is intentional bias, and Apple did immediately rectify the situation, but we see the effects of these blind spots every day in our own backyard. Navigating the labyrinthine maze of parental controls is a perfect case in point. We have yet to have one iConcierge Services client proclaim it was totally straight forward and intuitive. In fact, the potential for landmines is so innumerable that we’ve taken to creating our own algorithmic tools to guide Our Friends through.

The next time you find yourself frustrated or feeling stupid for not being more tech-savvy, stop to think how much easier it might be if someone like you were actually developing the tools. Let’s hope that our next generation represents a broader mix of multiple perspectives when it comes to technology development.

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

maze, apple, tech Technology can feel so overwhelming–there are so many twists and turns. It can feel easier to give up. Avoid the landmines and get up-to-speed quickly by contacting iConcierge Services.  From setting up parental controls, digital calendaring and an automatic allowance system for kids, we’ve got you covered. Here’s to making technology easier!.

paper karma,apple, kids, headlines, tech

Tech Tip #35: PaperKarma 

With the holidays fast approaching, chances are your mailbox is filling up with loads of holiday catalogs. Every night, we look forward to PaperKarma. It literally helps to lighten our load by stopping all those unwanted catalogs, especially the five-pound paperweights (Restoration Hardware, we’re talking to you!). Just snap a photo, and PaperKarma does the rest.

Climate change is real (The Skimm sums it all up here), and we all want to do our part. PaperKarma makes it super-easy — you can check it out here.

Friend of the Month: Abby Anderson

apple, kids, headlines, tech Abby, no one wraps her head around an issue like you do! I’m so glad we could help you to think through the multitude of decisions a parent needs to make to set screen time policies. Not only was it a time investment in getting digitally organized, but it was also a major investment in how you will Parent Technology.

As you said, it’s a long journey. Kudos to all of your efforts to make screen time more manageable in your family and putting your kids on the path to building healthy digital habits.

For a Little Bedtime Reading…
Diana Kapp’s Girls Who Run the World: 31 CEOs Who Mean Business, is making the rounds. It features a number of women who have defied Silicon Valley odds. When I went to read it to my daughter’s 5th-grade class, I was equally impressed by how the boys embraced the business lessons. Here’s to inspiring our next generation!

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