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Dear Friends,

I’m still celebrating International Women’s Day, and all that we’ve collectively accomplished this past year. Women are starting businesses at 1.5x the rate of men, and more women are running for office than ever before. It’s cause for celebration, yet as we reach for more, striking the right balance on the home front can be tricky.

One of the best articles I’ve ever read on this subject is, “How Much Ambition Can a Marriage Sustain?” It is a really good question. Apparently, power couples exist mostly on Netflix series like House of Cards, and really are a rarity.

In the busy chaos of the family life, it is so hard to stake a claim to A Room of One’s Own, and to get everyone else in your family on board. I think this is why we need more leverage. This can come in the form of more collaboration with other women, outsourcing household tasks, knowing how to use technology more efficiently, and how to set it up for our kids.

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

We’re Asking Our Friends…

In honor of International Women’s Day, which one of these women do you most admire? If you can’t decide, think who’d you most like to advise you over coffee…

For the CEO in You – Just For You

The She Shed – Do You Have One?

In her novel, A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf was one of the first to assert that women need to make space for themselves and their creative pursuits. Making room for yourself amidst the chaos of life with kids is a challenge, and as I always say about Motherhood:  “Be prepared to say goodbye to the uninterrupted thought!” May we all find a little space, and may Virginia Woolf’s rally cry for The She Shed live on!

For the CEO in You – Just For You

There is No Wrong Way to be A Woman

“I’ve never been the right kind of woman. Oversized, and overconfident. Too mean if I don’t smile. Too black for my tennis whites. Too motivated for motherhood. But I’m proving, time and time again, there’s no wrong way to be a woman.”- Serena Williams

For the CEO in You – Just For You

Please Say It Isn’t So, But Oh No, It Is!

According to a new study, women whose careers started as secondary to their husband’s are twice as likely to get divorced when they reach the corner office. I wonder if the underlying reason is not the “fragile male ego,” or that men are not supportive of their wive’s career as the article asserts. Rather, I think the demands of running the “Family Business” factor in, and the strain over how the work’s going to get done if both partners continue intense careers.

For the CHR – What’s On the Line

The Screentime Experiment: The Rules Are No Rules

If ever you’ve been curious what happens when kids have no rules, check out this 48-hour experiment. Four kids watched 126 hours in one weekend, yikes! Clearly, kids aren’t mature enough to self-regulate, and this is why we need better parental controls.

The Friend Forum: Join Our Conversation!

In The Friend Forum, we’re engaging women in the technology conversation and collaborating around running “The Family Business.” Come ask questions, share your thoughts, share an article, join our conversation! Every day, you can tap into your Friends for inspiration and answers to find the best resources.

What Our Friends Are Saying About: 
Our Parental Controls Resource Guide…

“I just followed the steps in my iPhone. This is great. THANK YOU!”
–Robin M.


“This Resource Guide is EXCELLENT. Thank you so much for sharing. I would encourage everyone to give this a good read.”
–Stephanie H.


“This was just brilliant. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions.”
–Elizabeth M

Heard It From A Friend - Become A Friend Today!We’re busy building a platform to connect women around running the “Family Business” and to make our everyday better with technology. Our membership-based community will launch soon, but we’re starting now with our weekly Friend Letters to give you a peak at the useful resources we’re collecting and assembling.

We hope you think of our Friend Letters fondly, like getting together with friends for Friday lunch. We invite you and your friends to join the collaboration in helping women to get more leverage. It’s time to make technology a part of our every day conversation, and we know we always get the best information from Our Friends…

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