Get Ready for Digital Parenting!

Dear Friends,

For me the Back-to-School season always feels like a start of something new–it’s a time of excitement and organization. Those closets get cleared out, new backpacks get ordered, and afterschool scheduling and logistics are at a fevered pace.

It’s also a time of transition, where kids trade the lackadaisical delights of summer for the sobering responsibilities of being a student. As parents, we’re getting everyone ready to meet new challenges, which also means being prepared to tackle the digital parenting ones. With kindergartners instructed to use learning websites and reading apps, technology can push into the home sooner than when we feel ready for it. And when you discover that those school-managed devices don’t work quite the way you thought at home, the complications continue. Unfortunately, the fixes are beyond common sense.

Over the summer, we’ve developed  Our Parenting Technology Toolkit. Our goal is to help Our Friends manage the many twists and turns that lie ahead–see highlights below…

Here’s to getting off to a good start!

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

INTRODUCING: Our Parenting Technology Toolkit

What to Expect – The Major Inflection Points — After seven years of flying blind in the greatest of all digital experiments, we can now help newer parents to anticipate what lies ahead and benefit from our hard-won wisdom.

Our Family Agreement – From etiquette to parental privileges, Our Family Agreement is totally customizable to fit your family’s needs and can be done in collaboration with your child. Feel confident that you’ve thought through all the major issues, set expectations, and communicated clearly about the consequences.

Tech Questions to Ask Your School – Avoid surprises when school devices come into your home. Ask these questions!

Our TimeWise Calculator – Help your kids ease back into the school year and visualize how they’re spending their time. It may help them to see how little time there is for screen time and you may be surprised too!

Friend of the Month: Carrie Wheeler

We love when Our Friends challenge us to come up with creative solutions to meet their family’s needs. And we also enjoy sharing in a laugh…does your spouse think he’s in charge of tech at home too? More often than not, we moms are the ones Parenting Technology on the day-to-day, and it’s now a big part of our job.

Carrie, you’re an exemplary Family CTO, and congrats on starting the school year on strong technology footing!

Tech Tip #32:
How to Make a Web-site Feel Like an App–Add to Home Screen:

When running the ‘Family’ Business, there’s so much to keep track of–sports schedules, updates on the school website, the school directory….and my kids are always asking, “What’s for lunch?!”

Self Declared “Sister day”

My girls soaked up a few final moments of summer before the busyness of the school year sets in. Self-declared “Sister Day!” included lunch and shopping, and Greenlight, an app/debit card combo made it so easy. Not only can you load up your kid’s debit cards, but you can also issue allowance, encourage saving and giving goals, create a chore list, and restrict where the money can be spent. Sign-up and get $10! Here’s the code:

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