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May 2019

Dear Friends,

Summer is upon us with the usual 100 days of May–the scrabble to make awards dinners, teacher appreciations, and end of year performances, while also throwing together vacation plans, and scrambling to figure out how to keep our children happily occupied for 11 weeks. It’s no wonder we’re Overwhelmed, and on top of all that, we find ourselves squarely in the path of three major tsunamis.

The New York Times has done an amazing job recently of giving color to these seemingly supernatural forces that make life for us so challenging:

While we can’t do anything about the first two (at least for now), we’ve been actively working toward making ‘Parenting Technology’ easier.  We’ve long believed that women need a better way to keep up with technology, especially when it comes to our kids. So while you’ve been preparing for summer, we’ve been preparing for you, building our platform to offer our Friends a better experience.

With the slightly slower pace that summer brings, we hope you find a little time to check it out. And, if we’re not helping you to minimize the Overwhelm, we want to hear from you!

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Friend of the Month: Emily Martin

 We love when women step into their role as Chief Technology Officer for their family and embrace the responsibilities that go with it. We had some good laughs, and technology can actually make you giggle when you know something your kids don’t!

 Tech Tip #29: Find My iPhone –
Sound the Alarm

If your kids aren’t answering the phone or responding to your text messages, Use Find My iPhone to set every device in the house pinging. It will definitely get their attention and they’ll know to call you if you set this expectation ahead of time. Here’s how to sound the alarm:

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