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Good Friends Help Friends Plan Trips!

Dear Friends,

Have you found yourself chasing that mythical family vacation? One thing I never anticipated was what it would be like to travel with kids. Crafting an itinerary that delights in the moment and dazzles in memory for years to come really is a monumental feat. It took many missteps and years of experience to understand my family’s travel profile.

Now that it’s March, many of us are thinking about summer travel. Thus, we’re dedicating this Friend Letter to making the task of trip planning easier. We know we always get the best information from Our Friends, and this is most definitely the case when it comes to travel!

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

We’re Asking Our Friends…

Last summer, we discovered the Cliffhouse in Ogunquit, Maine, and spent the most magical 4th of July. It is the ultimate family vacation spot and is even dog-friendly!

What is Your Favorite Family Vacation Spot?

Comment below, and we’ll share the wealth of knowledge back with Our Friends!

Boost Your Tech Savvy

Tech Tip #14 – Traveling with a Suitcase Full of Devices? Get Everyone on Wifi in Seconds!

This is just brilliant! When traveling with a suitcase full of devices, get everyone on Wifi in seconds*.

Just enter the network name and password on one device, and then seamlessly transfer log-in details to everyone else. See how it easy it is here!

Now you can take a break from playing CTO and kick back and relax a little sooner!

Of course, it would be nice to vacation without devices, but alas, the realities of life in the 21st Century…

Our seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become our life. Get boosted!
*Note everyone must be on iOS 11 and in each other’s contact books.

For the CEO in You – Just For You – Travel

Friends Help Friends to Plan Fabulous Trips!

Because we know always get the best information from Our Friends, Oliver Guide is always the first stop for me when planning a trip. Tap into the best itineraries spanning the globe, from family vacations to girls’ getaway weekends. Get travel recommendations, created by other women like you… Read More

The Friend Forum: Join Our Conversation!

In The Friend Forum, we’re engaging women in the technology conversation and collaborating around running “The Family Business.” Come ask questions, share your thoughts, share an article, join our conversation! Every day, you can tap into your Friends for inspiration and answers to find the best resources.

What Our Friends Are Asking About: 
Parental Controls…

My daughter has to use a computer for homework, but keeps getting distracted by YouTube. What can I do to prevent this?”
-Caroline K. 

“I’m trying to set up my child’s iPod to only allow music apps. How do I turn off Safari and Messaging?”
– Kathleen J.

Be In The Know

What’s On Our Screens

74% of Our Friends say they would rather go to the dentist office than visit the Apple Store. Looks like we’re not the only ones…

Have you ever found yourself in an awkward position with your Friends? Unfortunately, the screen-time debate is pitting parents against each other…

We’re busy building a platform to connect women around running the “Family Business” and to make our everyday better with technology. Our membership-based community will launch soon, but we’re starting now with our weekly Friend Letters to give you a peak at the useful resources we’re collecting and assembling.

We hope you think of our Friend Letters fondly, like getting together with friends for Friday lunch. We invite you and your friends to join the collaboration in helping women to get more leverage. It’s time to make technology a part of our every day conversation, and we know we always get the best information from Our Friends…

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