Are You Laughing at Me?

Dear Friends,

After discovering we could use Echo Dots around the house like an intercom system, I was sold. My 9-year-old did a spectacular job setting them up–it’s that easy–but one was inexplicably still not working, so I called Amazon.

When talking with the technician, he kept laughing. I had many questions and was giving him some feedback on the Alexa app user interface. I also wanted to find out how I could broadcast “Dinner Time!” over our Echo Dot system.

At first, he was chuckling, but I persisted in explaining that when you’re the one cooking dinner and it’s ready, you want your family in the kitchen pronto. I pointed out that if you can stream music throughout the house, then why not a voice? Apparently, I won him over because he said he loved the idea and is now fast-tracking it on their product development roadmap.

I’m still not sure why he was laughing, but I’m chalking it up to his getting a first-hand education on the value of a different perspective. Given that 90% of software developers are men, understanding how women use technology and what we need, may not come readily. This is why it’s so important that we have a voice in technology and a seat at the table. Now that we’re playing Chief Technology Officer and holding the family purse strings, we’re often the driver of technology adoption and these tech companies need us.

Heard It From A Friend loves advocating on our collective behalf and aims to make our every day better with technology.


With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Where Do You Fall On the Technology Adoption Curve?

Where Do You Fall On the Technology Adoption Curve?

Boost Your Tech Savvy
Tech Tip #23: How to set up an Intercom System using Alexa


One thing I hate around the house is yelling. Before you know it you’re screaming for your kids, or worse, your husband. It puts everyone on edge.

Now that we have Alexa to help us communicate, it’s been much more civilized in our household, not to mention melodic (we’re streaming music in nearly every room). Setting up an intercom system with Echo devices is super-easy. Even a 9-year-old can do it! Read our Guide here…

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Heard It From A Friend: Be In The Know with Friend Letters

Why Getting My 11-year-old a Phone Was One of the Best Parenting Decisions I Ever Made  I couldn’t resist adding my two cents to this!

Why Are Young Adults the Loneliest Generation in America? The answer will most likely surprise you.

Would more diversity at Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies help? It certainly wouldn’t hurt, as more hate speech and abuse are disproportionately directed at women, and content reviewers fail to flag it.

The Friend Forum
Join Our Conversation- We’re always aiming for a ‘HIFAF!’


We’re engaging women in the technology conversation and collaborating around running The ‘Family’ Business. Here are some of the questions we answered this week:

“How do I set up Alexa as an Intercom System?”
“How do I print a to-do list from Alexa?”
“How do I download library books from the public library?

Ask questions, share your thoughts, share an article here. Friends helping Friends can make all the difference!

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Let’s Talk Tech!
We Come to You On Your Schedule

We can help you get off to a good start with your kids’ devices, and offer best practices to regain control if screen-time is an issue.

Our goal is to understand your family’s scenario and match you to the best resources. But we won’t stop there, we’ll make sure you get them up and running.

By Phone or In-Person:

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