Are You In The 3%?

Dear Friends,

In this recently published survey, only 3% of people could accurately name a female tech executive (10 people actually cited Siri or Alexa!). In contrast, 57% could correctly identify a male leader with Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg mentioned most frequently.

This lack of female role models may not strike us as urgent when shuttling carpools or helping our kids to brush their teeth. However, given that job growth is forecasted to be the most robust in the STEM sector and that technology is expanding so rapidly that schools are already struggling to keep up, it should be on our radar.

At home, we can help to change the narrative that shapes perceptions for this next generation by taking an active role. We can show both our sons and daughters how we embrace tech challenges, problem solve and use technology to be more efficient.

Here the virtuous cycle can begin. With a positive influence from home, more girls will be encouraged to study STEM subjects, more boys will interact with females in class, more women will pursue tech jobs. And then the Silicon Valley bro-culture will be transformed, and our voice will be represented in the tech world from product development to venture funding.

It’s a long road, but with Friends helping Friends, we can do this!

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Do you actively encourage your kids in developing STEM skills?

Boost Your Tech Savvy
Tech Tip #19: How to Lock a Note with a Passcode


Boost Your Tech Savvy

So this is still a relatively new feature that a lot of people don’t know about. You can create a note and lock it with a passcode in just a few quick steps.

I use this a lot for my children’s passwords and other not-so-sensitive information. It may not be as secure as two-factor authentication, but at least it’s better than storing the info in Contacts which is what I used to do. Note: You will select one passcode for all Locked Notes—be sure you remember it!

Be In The Know
Our Gold Star Picks for the Week

Heard It From A Friend: Be In The Know with Friend Letters

 Women mentors are a ‘social vaccine’.”When female engineering students were paired with a female mentor, they felt more motivated, more self-assured, and less anxious than those who had either no mentor or a male one.

 While digital and tech jobs are in high demand, surprisingly, the number of women in computing continues to drop precipitously. Why?

 Sometimes the Opposite is True: The more gender equality, the fewer women in STEM. What underlies this paradox?

 In STEM Subjects, Men Think They’re Smarter. Even the most confident girl or woman might begin to doubt herself when confronted with such attitudes.

How Our Friend is Stemming the STEM Problem:

On “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” our Friend Auritte Ross, got an unexpected surprise from her then 7-year-old daughter. Instead of the “Wow, Mom!” reaction she was hoping for, she got, “Hmmm, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I want to do something important!” Auritte couldn’t let this one sit, and subsequently was inspired to found “Celsius and Beyond Science Enrichment,” an afterschool program and summer camp for kids grades 1 through 10. Auritte assembles a team of scientists and experts to offer a robust curriculum from surgery to genetics, and has expanded to include courses on robotics and game theory.

She believes that mothers play a critical role in shaping kids’ STEM interest, and that regardless of gender, kids actively engage when they are exposed to the curriculum.

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