Dear Friends,
I couldn’t help laughing after seeing this title, “For Mother’s Day, All I Want Is A Useful Husband,” especially as I traded messages with a dear friend late last night about our Mother’s Day experiences. After a day with the family, she celebrates with girlfriends over dinner partly to ensure she’s off meal duty for the night, and I was saying that while         

flowers and an electronic greeting card are lovely, I most appreciated my husband helping me change a lightbulb (apparently, it really does take two MBAs). While I did make dinner at home, I had a great opportunity as my husband was reaching for the remote, to remind everyone of my new rule: no one leaves the kitchen before it’s all cleaned up – look around for something to do! Necessity really is the mother of invention and in my quest for more leverage, I’ve had to become creative :).


The Invisible Work of Motherhood

What I found comical in this article was how it so incisively reflects the realities of my life running the “Family Business” and so many other women I know. All the author wanted was a day off from planning, but every year, in a last-minute panic, her husband frantically scrolls through OpenTable and makes a last-ditch run to the deli to buy flowers.

The “Family Business”
How Many Different Roles Do You Play?

She talks about the “Invisible Work” of Motherhood and how it’s the countless hidden tasks that consume an absurd about of time:
  • Kin Work: Buying gifts for family members
  • Consumption Labor: Buying diapers and kids’ sport uniforms
  • Travel: Shuttling kids around
  • Emotional Labor: Taking the emotional temperature of your family members
  • Household Manager: keeper of all knowable facts from your son’s shoe size to which cabinet contains the bug spray

Chief Technology Officer Didn’t Even Make the List!

What she makes no reference to is the challenges we face as Chief Technology Officer of our household and trying to strike the right balance for our kids.

In the spirit of wanting to help women get more leverage in running the “Family Business” and give you your time back, Heard It From A Friend hosted it’s first Tech Circle: Get A Grip: Family Sharing and Parental Controls. It was BYOD – Bring Your Own Device, and it was super-fun. Our friends were surprised by how much there is to know, appreciated the hands-on instruction, and of course loved learning in the company of friends.











We’ve Added Another Event!

Since we originally reached capacity within the first 24 hours, we’re adding another date for: Get A Grip – Family Sharing and Parental Controls. Block your calendars for May 31st from 11:30 – 1pm and make it happen. We promise you’ll be glad you did! Space is limited, but we welcome you to register with a friend. Nicole Bongard, tech expert, Heard It From A Friend advisor and Founder of Appleseed Consultants, and I will cover:

-What is Family Sharing, Why You Should Set It Up and How: Do It Now! Because every family likes to share…

-Parental Controls on iOS devices: Look forward to sleeping again at night.

-Privacy Settings: Throw yourself some shade with these first-level tips.


Please Register here!

Would You Like to Host A Tech Circle for Your friends?

We will come to you! Please contact us here.

Give Yourself a “HIFAF” if You Master These 5 Skills

We’re always aiming to boost your Tech Savvy and for a Heard It From A Friend High-Five “HIFAF”. Here are our 5 latest tech tips:

1) Fun: Forgot to send your mother a Mother’s Day card like I did? Send a text with LOVE: Before sending, hold the arrow key down until the screen goes blurry and you see the Send With Effect screen > Tap Screen and swipe to Heart. Either your kids can show you how to do this or they’ll consider you their tech hero. Have fun scrolling through the balloons, confetti, fireworks, etc.


2) Privacy: Make sure your kids never accidentally share or post a photo that publishes your home address. While geotagging photos may help to organize them by location, there is the downside. Unfortunately, someone who knows what to look can find your exact GPS location stored in the metadata.  To turn the geotagging feature off, go to: Settings > Privacy > Locations Services > Never.


3) Efficiency: Is your screen cluttered with apps? The fastest way to find an app is to swipe down mid-way from the top of the home screen and type the first few letters.


4) Fitness: If you don’t have a Fitbit, check out Apple’s HEALTH app for you and your kids. You can monitor your daily steps, and kids get really into it. Recently at Disney World, we discovered even my 8-year-old can walk almost 10 miles when properly motivated :). To set it up > Health > follow on-screen prompts to Get Started  >  Health Data > Activity.

5) Photos: Been on trip recently where everyone’s snapping photos? Create a Shared Album and make it easy for everyone to upload straight from their phones. To create a Shared Album:  Photos > Shared (cloud icon on bottom nav) > tap ”+” (top left) > Name Shared Album > Type emails for those you want to invite > Tap Create.  Each person will receive an invitation and needs to accept.  If you eventually have more photos to add, you have to go to your Shared Album first.

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Want To Learn With Your Friends?

So far, 100% of women say they like the idea of learning about technology in the company of friends or peers. Do you agree?

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