Act Today, So You’re Not Saying UGG Tomorrow!

Dear Friends,

It had been lurking in the back of my mind that I should really do something about the Equifax breach that affected more than 146 million people. The odds of not being a victim are not in my, or anyone’s favor. UGG!

But playing Chief Financial Officer of the “Family Business” is not one of my favorite roles, so I sat on it, even though I had step-by-step instructions on my desk from a certified financial planner about specific actions to take.

Running A Real Live Sting Operation

It wasn’t until I discovered that someone in Warren, Michigan has a love of UGG boots and ordered 5 pairs for in-store pickup using my credit card that I was knocked out of my complacency. UGG! I guess the thief didn’t count on my being an early riser even on Saturdays and was hoping to nab the goods before I woke up 3 time zones away.

Racing against the clock, it was a sting operation in the making! I had 20 minutes to call the local authorities, the DSW store, DSW on-line, and my credit card company. I couldn’t wait to ensnare the unscrupulous miscreant who had the audacity to UGG at my expense.

What wishful thinking this was! This type of fraud is so routine that I was re-directed to my local police department to file a report and my credit card company’s fraud department.

I did manage to thwart the criminal from frolicking in the snow wearing UGG boots paid for by me, but now I’m dealing with the aftermath of fun at my expense. Changing credit cards for automatic bills is never joyful, plus I’m more than a little creeped out that someone knows my address, email and cell number.

Being Chief Financial Officer of Your Household …

Heard It From A Friend knows that running the “Family Business” is a big job and that collaboration is key to helping women get more leverage. We want to share the benefits of our learning curve so you can take the shortcut. There’s no reason why we should all have to spend the time to figure this out. Follow these steps today and you won’t be saying UGG tomorrow!


Be In The Know and Boost Your Tech Savvy

Heard It From A Friend is aiming to make your every day easier and more efficient with technology.  Today, we’re focusing on the role of Chief Financial Officer. If you’re like most women, you’re making 85% or all household purchases, so when gearing up for the holidays, why not shop for good and in the spirit of giving? Here are our HIFAF tips to Boost Your Tech Savvy and help you Be In The Know this holiday season.


1) If you like to save money while shopping online and are philanthropically-minded, you should know about GoodShop. Never hassle with finding coupons again while donating to your favorite charity! GoodShop has saved shoppers over $100mm to date and has raised over $13mm. It takes just 30-seconds to set up their Gumdrop app and is a win for all!




2) Not only is Amazon America’s favorite tech company, but they keep giving us more reasons to smile. When you enroll in Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charity. While the selection, prices and shopping experience are exactly the same, you need to shop at, so best to bookmark on your computer or save to your home screen.



3) Speaking of saving to your Home Screen, did you know you can access any web-site like its an app? All you have to do when browsing in Safari is click the sharing button and hit the add to Home Screen option. Now your kid’s sports schedules, homework, and lunch ordering options will feel as accessible as an app!



4) If your home looks like a shipping and receiving department around the holidays, then you should download Slice now.  Slice is the go-to source to track all your online packages. It’s easy to install and the interface is so slick. Any time you receive an order confirmation, just forward it to and then you can see everything all in one place!


5) Make sure the ease of online shopping doesn’t spoil Santa’s secrets. If your child or other family members like to peruse your Amazon order history, make sure you log out of your account, and use Safari’s private browsing mode and Google’s incognito. You can also delete your cookies and browsing history.




Now we hope you’re giving yourself a Heard It From A Friend high-five (“HIFAF”)!

iOS 11 – It’s Time to Update

Nikki, our Chief Technologist has given the green light, so enlist the other members of your Home IT department to begin the updates. We’ll be exploring what’s new and how it can help us to run the “Family Business” more efficiently.  There are some promising new features and we look forward to reporting back!

With best wishes,


Julie Paul
























©2023 Heard It From A Friend

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