Socializing technology is the key to making it stick and making it more fun. Whether you’re an enthusiastic or reluctant Chief Technology Officer, undoubtedly managing devices in your household is more than a bit tricky. Heard it From a Friend Hosts live discussions and learning opportunities, and our Get A Grip evening aims to make your job easier. It’s BYOD – bring your own device, and we will get you headed in the right direction. Come meet other like-minded women or come with your friends.

November 7th: Get a Grip – Family Sharing and Parental Controls! 

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is Family Sharing, Why You Should Set It Up and How – Because every family likes to share….
Parental Controls on iOS devices: Look forward to sleeping again at night
Privacy settings: Throw yourself some shade with these first-level tips
Managing screentime: Simple tools for managing access and apps
Block your calendar now and make it happen. We promise you’ll be glad you did! Space is limited, but we welcome you to bring a friend – it will be a guilt-free evening because you don’t have to read the book :).

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An Evening with Enjoy…

Thank you to our friends at Enjoy for a fabulous evening – we all learned 5 new things, so mission accomplished.  This is the Heard It From A Friend “HIFAF” (high-five)!


On June 1st, we are kicking off summer with a BIG Giveaway!

Heard It From A Friend has teamed up with some fabulous women to bring our Friends useful resources and to support women’s entrepreneurship. Since we’re all busy moms, we have joined forces to play to our strengths: collaborating and connecting.

Enter for chances to 25,000 frequent miles on United, a $50 gift to Amazon, a personal styling session, personalized home tech consulting etc. etc! There will be a total of 6 winners and you get more chances to win when you share with friends 🙂

Take off with the Grand Prize: a free Roundtrip ticket on United*!


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*subject to United's Terms and Conditions.

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