The advent of the internet upended and disintermediated the travel industry, arguably causing more disruption than in any other industry, save books. Overnight, the masses empowered with more information and slick tools like Expedia and Priceline cast aside traditional travel agents, and embarked on their own trip planning journey, with a streak of independent fervor.

It turns out this was a roundtrip ticket. Overwhelmed by the explosion of travel reviews, travel blogs, and travel apps, finding good information has become increasingly onerous and have left many, wishing that someone would just do it for them.

Lucky for us, there is now a new breed of travel agent, who caters to clients much like a concierge providing expert advice and service. To quote The Wall Street Journal, “Today’s travel advisers…deliver convenience, access and hard-core expertise…some fashion themselves as magazine editors for hire, able to identify…new destinations and food trends. Many have carved out a country-specific niche” or offer party planning services for the ultra-elite.

While you may not need a private tour of the Kremlin or a private fashion show at the Versace flagship store in Milan, having someone plan a week long trip to Europe with a customized itinerary for $15 a day seems like a bargain.

As our mantra is to make information actionable and streamline the running of the “Family Business,” which includes making travel arrangements, we have profiled several travel agents featured in the WSJ article, and have included a few of our own. While many of these offer travel planning services for a fee, the benefit is that they do all the work for you, can offer free upgrades and other travel perks, and operate on your behalf rather than steering you toward the deal where they get the biggest commission. Click here to find out more…

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