Ok, so I LOVE Virginia Woolf. I first read her novel, A Room of One’s Own, back in high school, and her words of wisdom have stuck with me for years. She was among the first to assert that women need to make space for themselves in their creative pursuits.  

I know so many women with dreams of Playing Big – those who are trying to pursue an entrepreneurial venture, write a children’s book or start a completely new career. But carving out the time or staking a claim to “A Room of One’s Own” can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re running the “Family Business.”  

When my girls reached elementary school, I started considering my own aspirations, but couldn’t help feeling as if I was buried under an avalanche of snow pleading for someone to hand me a snow shovel. Making room for yourself amidst the chaos of life with kids is a challenge. As I always say about Motherhood, “Be prepared to say goodbye to the uninterrupted thought!”

A real or proverbial “Room of  One’s Own” can be the best way to reacquaint yourself with yourself. My first move was to clear my calendar, extract myself of all my volunteer commitments, and then I parachuted into free fall. It was the scariest leap I’ve ever made, but it helped me to make the room I needed to find my true path.

May Virginia Woolf’s legacy and her rally cry for the She Shed live on!


“The Man Cave Has A New Neighbor–The She Shed” by Elizabeth Holmes, The Wall Street Journal, January 31, 2017






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