What’s On The Line?

How to Teach Your Kids to Spot Fake News

Part of the parenting job in the 21st century is to teach our children about the digital world we are now are immersed in. When our children begin taking an active interest in world news, we find ourselves playing the role of media mentor, and teaching our kids to “Consider the Source” is one of the first lessons. Here are the points:

  • Is this message believable? What’s your reasoning?
  • Who’s behind this message?
  • Who is this message intended for?
  • What do they want you to do?
  • Is someone getting paid?
  • Is there anything left out of that might be important?
  • Is there anything harmful about this message?

Not only will the above questions engage critical thinking skills, but this type of analysis might also save your child from potential embarrassment in the schoolyard.



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