Why Alexa is Becoming
My New BFF…

You’re Smart, but Do You Have a Smart Home?

I’m actually skeptical when it comes to new technology.  It’s one more thing I have to setup and figure out how to use, but the Echo Show makes it more than worth the effort which was minimal. Setup was super-easy, and Alexa, the voice activated virtual assistant, is becoming a fast friend (I can see why people actually miss her when on vacation). Here’s what we love:

  • Seeing the weather and date on display
  • Getting CNN’s news flash briefing, the word of the day, seeing song lyrics
  • How our kids are entertained–they love taking silly photos and asking Alexa to tell them jokes, making song requests and we’re all playing games like Name that Tune and Jeopardy.
  • The video monitor is a much better interface for communicating with grandparents.  We can “Drop In” any time, but thankfully, approval is required on the receiving end.
  • No more shouting it’s time for dinner – the Echo Show can act as an intercom when combined with a few Echo dots.

We’ve now joined the ranks of 25 million Alexa users, and at this rate, it’s projected than in just three years, there’ll be more digital assistant devices on the planet than people.

A few additional notes: Amazon music does not offer an option to filter explicit lyrics, so your level of comfort may depend on your children.  I’ve been bemused that my kids instruct Alexa to skip a song they deem inappropriate for their “children’s ears”, so it can become a good instructional moment.

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