Social Media: What’s the ‘Right’ Amount of Time?

Social Media Can Increase Teen Connection
up to a Point

The Exact Point When Happiness Starts to Decline

Researchers have determined that the positive effects of social media drop off after users spend approximately more than 30 minutes on each platform.

Users are most happy when they limit themselves to 1-2 platforms.

~30 minutes per platform up to a total of one hour is the ‘just right’ amount of time.

Using social media for more than 2 hours per day has been associated with poor self-rating of mental health and increased levels of psychological distress.

Too much time on social media can cut into time for:


Face-to-Face Interaction


Physical Activity

family agreement




There are only 24 hours in a day, so be TimeWise!

Click here to use Our TimeWise Calculator:

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