Snapchat’s Ghost Has Real Teeth

Who knew that Snapchat has morphed into a legitimate media company?

When I first heard about Snapchat several years ago it was at one of those school-hosted tech forums and it sounded like a parent’s total nightmare. Initially, its founding purpose was to allow users to share photos or videos with friends that would self-destruct within seconds and “permanently” disappear. All that’s changed now, and Snapchat has metamorphosed into a legitimate media company. Here are the Points:

  • Snapchat has protected users from fake news by deploying a dedicated team of professionals to vet content
  • It only displays content from professional news outlets ranging from CNN to The Wall Street Journal to The Economist and People in its Discover section
  • User-generated content is featured only after it’s been fact-checked by staff reporters and approved by its attorneys
  • Snapchat believes in privacy and wants the user experience to be exchanges among close friends instead of interactions with people unknown in real life
  • A team reviews posts if they reach more than a few thousand views to verify authenticity
  • Snapchat is committed to making sure its community of users knows where there news and information is coming from

While there’s evidence that every other major American social media network including Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn was infiltrated by Russian ads, Snapchat has defended itself from these breaches by embracing traditional media values. It’s betting its strategy will appeal more to advertisers and users in the long run.


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