When the Unthinkable Happens…

Dear Friends, Life has a way of serving up inspiration at just the right moment. Recently, I had the great pleasure of dining with my octogenarian aunt, who at 86 years-of-age, isn’t slowing down. While she did recently move to a senior community, she summarily convinced her new book club to...

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#40: Group FaceTime is a Group Lifeline


Tech Tip #40: Group FaceTime is a Group Lifeline. During these crazy uncertain times, connecting with Friends and Family is evermore important. While FaceTime can enable video communication with up to 32 people it’s best used for smaller groups. Here’s how to set it up: If you already have an ongoing...

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#38: Honey: Your Smart Shopping Assistant!

Honey: Your Smart Shopping Assistant!

Tech Tip #38 - Honey: Your Smart Shopping Assistant!  When online shopping, it’s just too easy to click and add to your cart. While moderation is always advisable, Honey can help you save hundreds of dollars with almost zero effort. Here’s how it works: Download and add an extension...

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#37: How to Manage All Those Online Purchases


Tech Tip #37: How to Manage All Those Online Purchases with Slice During the holidays, there’s a flurry of online ordering, and it’s not all just coming from Amazon. For years, I’ve been using Slice to help me manage purchases and order logistics. Download the app here, and when you receive an...

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