Is Your Job A Lot Harder Today?

Parenting in the Digital Age is a challenge,
especially when you’re the CTO of your household…











































Running the “Family Business” in the modern era is a bigger challenge than I’d imagined, and it all came as a bit of a shock to me. My mom grew up in a household of 10 children, and she, my grandmother, and three aunts always made it look so easy. While I’m sure feeding, clothing, and transporting a family of 12 was no small feat, I do think the nature of the job has greatly changed.

The introduction of mobile technology represents the biggest sociological development of our time and adds layers of complication to the parenting role. It’s disquieting to think of our kids being more technologically agile and that we’re behind the learning curve instead of leading it. Now that we’re signing iPad school use policies for our kindergarteners and have numerous devices in the house, we’ve unwittingly been promoted to Chief Technology Officer. I was totally unprepared for this role and know that I’m not the only one—even Melinda Gates was caught off guard!

With my husband commuting across continents, I’m effectively CEO of our household and am playing many other C-level roles too. I know I’m in good company, as I’ve talked with legions of women about this on the soccer fields and at the grocery store.

We carry the “Family Business” with us whether we’re headed to the office or the carpool line, and while I’m sure these responsibilities are divvied up differently in every family, the reality is that even in households with two full-time working parents, women carry the majority of the load.

The “Family Business”

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From master planning to project management and delegation, from hiring and firing to research and analysis, from negotiation to career coaching, we do it all and it undoubtedly requires a robust and diverse skill set. By mapping out all these roles and responsibilities, we capture the true breadth of what it means to run the “Family Business, and with this as a starting point, we can begin to rebalance the workload, outsource where possible and get the kids more involved.

Eventually, I hope we can get the technology we need to operationalize the running of the “Family Business” so we can increase our efficiency and reclaim our time. I would love a slick system that would make it easy to clearly delineate tasks and delegate, so I don’t always have to be in charge. And it would be nice to ditch redundant and time-consuming tasks like filling out emergency contact forms and figuring out after-school activities and childcare logistics. It is time to make our voices heard and our every day better with technology.

It is time to make our voices heard and our every day better with technology! And we would love to hear from you–please share your thoughts here.

Heard It From a Friend is busy building a platform dedicated to technology solutions that make running the “Family Business” more efficient. Technology should make everyday life easier. To be notified when the site is live, click here.



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