Even Melinda Gates Was Unprepared

Being CTO of Your Household is a Really Big Job...

Melinda Gates, I Spent My Career in Tech. I Wasn’t Prepared for Its Effect on My Kids., The Washington Post, August 24, 2017

































“As a mother who wants her children to be safe and happy, I worry.”

Well, it’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed if even Melinda Gates admits to being unprepared for parenting in the digital age. She says she’s still trying to catch up, and I think many of us can relate.

Sometimes we may even feel a little guilty that we haven’t set up Parental Controls on all of our devices and unsure where to start. After spending many months with my Chief Technologist studying this problem and researching what’s out there,  I can tell you it’s not that straightforward. In fact, it was a total mind bender at first, but we think we’ve cracked the code and want you to benefit from our learning curve.

In that spirit, we are hosting our 4th Friend Event on November 7th:  Get a Grip: Family Sharing and Parental Controls  from 6:30-8:30pm

Here’s what what we’ll cover:

What Is Family Sharing, Why You Should Set It Up and How – Do It Now!  Because every family likes to share….

Parental Controls on iOS devices: Look forward to sleeping again at night

Privacy settings: Throw yourself some shade with these first-level tips

Managing screentime: Simple tools for managing access and apps

Whether you’re a reluctant or enthusiastic CTO, managing multiple devices in a household is undoubtedly more than a bit tricky.  We aim to make your job easier. Block your calendar now and make it happen–we promise you’ll be glad you did! Space is limited, but feel free to share this invitation with friends.
Hope to see you next Tuesday!
Julie and Nicole




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