10 Major Factors
Intensify Parenting Today

Parenting in the Digital Age is a challenge,
and the nature of family life has greatly changed...












It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed…

10 Major Factors Intensify the Parenting Challenge Today:

  1. The rise of extracurricular activities and demise of neighborhood play
  2. The focus on building 21st-century STEAM skills
  3. The expectations to spend more time with our children and grandparents.
  4. The rise of “Intensive Parenting
  5. The expectations to volunteer more at school
  6. The increased frequency of documented learning differences
  7. Caring for young children and aging parents simultaneously
  8. The intense competition for higher education
  9. Our 24/7 work culture, relentless hours and long commutes
  10. The introduction of mobile technology

Some say we’re drowning and fed up. It’s time to work together, join us!

Heard It From a Friend is busy building a platform dedicated to technology solutions that make running the “Family Business” more efficient. Technology should make everyday life easier. To be notified when the site is live, click here.


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