Your travel itinerary at your fingertips – from flights to hotel reservations.

Why the Gold Star status: You’re always digging through your emails to find your flight itinerary or your hotel reservations. Your husband or your mother has a million questions or someone needs to know when to pick you up. It all feels so disheveled and then you’re breathless trying to make a super- tight connection and grab food while you’re sprinting. Sometimes an app so elegantly solves the problem.

  • TripIt transforms your emails into a master itinerary for every trip so all your plans are in one place.
  • It’s a detailed, daily itinerary with important dates, times, and confirmation numbers, plus directions, maps, weather etc. 
  • You can forward your itinerary to people you need to keep in-the-know (they don’t have to have the app)

Just forward all your confirmations to It’s that easy!

Investment required: 2 minutes to set up.

Cost: Free

Find it on the App Store


Finds you the best airfare deals and the best times to buy and fly!

Why the Gold Star status: Hopper is like a super-fast, all-knowing travel agent that analyzes up to 15 billion flights & hotels prices every day.

  • Predicts the best time to buy with 95% accuracy!
  • Monitors airfare prices and notifies you via an alert when there is a price drop
  • Makes it easy to book travel arrangements in 60 seconds or less

You’ll start your vacation with more money to spend!

Investment required: 2 minutes to set up.

Cost: Free

Find it on the App Store


A great starting point when planning a trip–Find flights and hotels in seconds!

Why the Gold Star Status: Expedia is your online travel agent.  Whether you’re planning a family trip or a couple’s getaway, it’s convenient to search for flights, hotels, vacation home and car rentals all in one place. You can:

  • Plan multi-city trips, review flight schedules and find the cheapest flights
  • Filter hotels by star ratings and get special deals.  
  • Book flights with the flexibility to cancel within 24 hours without penalty.

Rates are often more competitive than professional travel agents, and you still have access to a live Expedia travel agent through their 800 customer service number.

Investment required: Two minutes or less

Cost: Free

Find it on the App Store 

Your Preferred Airline’s App

Check in, Check your flight status and never miss the in-flight entertainment.

Why the Gold Star Status: You can:

  • Get Your Boarding Pass
  • Book your seats
  • Preview what’s playing on your flight
  • Check your mileage balance

When you’re traveling with kids, you want to be prepared. There’s nothing worse than thinking your kids can chill out on the flight watching kid entertainment only to find it’s only accessible if you have the airline’s app. Make sure you’ve downloaded it on their devices!

Investment Required: Minimal

Cost: Free

Google Translate

Have a conversation, translate a menu, give a taxi driver directions. Never get lost again!

Why the Gold Star Status: Who travels to a foreign country with a translator?  You! With Google translate, you can:

  • Have a conversation! You speak in your native tongue and Google translates in real-time in both an audible and written format.
  • Get immediate translations just by pointing your camera at a sign or a menu. Snap a photo for the most accurate translation.  
  • Create phrasebooks of frequently used words for future reference

Google translate helps to make world travel easy!

Investment required: Seconds

Cost: Free

Find it on the App Store

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