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Why the Gold Star status: Now not only do you have a community of Friends to turn to in your time of need, but we will deploy our tech experts so you have back up support.  Ask away, answer when you can, and let us know what you’ve discovered. We’re all about Friends helping Friends and socializing tech is the key to making it stick and making it more fun.  

Find My iPhone

Keep track of all your family’s devices. Be sure you’ve set it up before it’s too late!

Why the Gold Star status: You can’t find your phone in the house, you worry it’s lost or has been stolen.  Or, you want to track your child’s location, or more accurately, your child’s device’s location.

With Find My iPhone, you can:

  • Send a signal to your iPhone or iPad that you can hear from practically anywhere in the house (provided the device is online).
  • If your iDevice is missing, then go to another device and open the Find My iPhone app or log into your iCloud account from your computer.
    • Put your device in “Lost Mode” to lock your device with a passcode.
    • Create a custom message that will appear on your missing device’s lock screen. Hopefully, an honest person is on the other end!
  • Track your family member’s location (to set up, must enable through family sharing)
  • Use the alarm signal to get your kids’ attention. Helpful when:
    • You’re out of the house and your kids are zoned out ignoring your phone calls and text messages.
    • You want to let your child know you know she’s sneaked her iPad into her room once again.

Investment Required: 5 minutes to set up.

Find it on App Store

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