For secure password management and storing important docs.

Why the Gold Star status: Managing passwords for a family can be a headache. While you can store them in Apple Notes and password protect them, the interface of Axesspass is much more user-friendly.  With Axesspass, you can:

  • You can create a master file of your passwords protected by a 6-digit passcode
  • Categorize your passcodes and search for them
  • Back up your passwords to Apple iCloud
  • Store your important documents – Drivers License, Passport, insurance card etc.
  • If you forget your passcode, you can reset it.

While other popular password managers will populate your password data, there are ongoing fees and are a bit complicated to set up. AccessPass is free plus it’s super-easy to use, has 2-layers of security and you can access it offline.  

Investment required: Your time to get organized!

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Apple Notes

Manage family passwords by creating shared notes.

Why the Gold Star status: When your kids start using iPads for school in Kindergarten, you will inevitably start collecting a boatload of passwords. You will appreciate that you don’t have to be the sole keeper of these passwords and that you can share them with your kids or co-parent. With Apple Notes you can create files by a child and share them! Best used for low-security log-in credentials.

See Tech Tip #19: How to lock an Apple Note


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