Zelle/Your Bank’s app

Never set foot in your bank again. Get your time back with mobile deposits and say goodbye to writing checks.

Why the Gold Star status: Stopping by the bank to deposit a check is just one more errand to do (and it can’t be outsourced!).  Waiting in line is never fun plus you’re trying to wean your kids off those lollipops. Save yourself at least 20 minutes every time (including your drive time).  With a mobile banking app, you can:

  • Deposit a check in under 30 seconds
  • Pay bills and research check history
  • Pay anyone with Zelle (you can send money to anyone with a US Bank account via their email or mobile phone #). They receive funds immediately and it’s super-easy to set up.  
  • Enable Touch ID in the app’s settings to enable secure, easy access.

Investment required: 3 minutes to download and set-up

Cost: Free.  


Pay a Friend quickly, or shop online and breeze through checkout.

Why the Gold Star status: Paypal just makes paying people so easy. You can:

  • Use it with Touch ID on your iPhone, and you’ll breeze through what would otherwise be onerous transactions.
  • Select it as the pay option on your computer, and you’ll click your way through checkout in seconds when you’re shopping online.
  • See your pay history to check if you remembered to pay your cleaning crew.  

Paypal’s been around for two decades–there’s no reason not to have an account!

Investment required: A few minutes to setup and connect your bank account/credit card.

Find it on the App Store

Wallet (Apple Pay)

Leave your wallet behind and zap your way through the supermarket checkout.

Why the Gold Star status: With Apple Pay, you can:

  • Use it at 1 out of 2 U.S. stores and forget digging through your purse to find your wallet.
  • Still, earn points on your favorite credit card
  • Transfer money using to people when accessed in the Messages app.

Apple Pay is so incredibly easy to use (when it works which still is not 100% of the time, but it’s getting there). It’s a great example of technology making our everyday lives easier.

Investment required: 5 minutes to setup and navigate your way through.


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