This is the go-to app for helping kids prepare for quizzes and tests.

Why the Gold Star status: Make a spelling list or textbook chapter come alive through interactive games and practices tests of your making. With Quizlet you can:

  • Make test prep fun–your child will appreciate the interactivity
  • Share in creating test prep Quizlets with fellow classmates
  • Listen to words pronounced correctly–great for learning foreign languages

Quizlet can help your kids get test-day ready!

Investment required: Just a few minutes to download and setup. The time to set up a Quizlet depends on the complexity of the material (e.g. a spelling quiz with 20 words is probably much faster than science concepts.)

Find it on the App Store

Khan Academy

A great resource to help your children reinforce what they’re learning at school.

Why the Gold Star status: Khan Academy’s motto is: You can learn anything. For Free. For everyone. Forever. On their site you can:

  • Access tutorial material from an incredible range of subjects from Humanities to Computer Science, they’ve got you covered.
  • Tap into the knowledge of hundreds of content specialists from major universities
  • Get advice on college admissions, careers and entrepreneurship

Khan Academy wants to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Find it on the App Store

Book Wizard by Scholastic

Know which books are the right reading level for your child.

Why the Gold Star status: When you’re child’s first learning to read, you want to help them by making sure they’ve got the “just right” books so they can build confidence and fluidity. So when you’re browsing Amazon or at the library, you can use Book Wizard:

  • To scan a book or enter a title to find out its Lexile or Grade Level Equivalent score*.
  • Create book lists and save titles by child
  • Get recommendations based on your child’s saved book list
  • Purchase books (they can be cheaper than Amazon if you’re buying several books)

Pro Tip: To determine your child’s reading level, scan a book she is reading for school or have her read a page from one she’s interested in. If it’s a Just Right Book, she should make no more than 1-2 reading errors if it’s a short page and no more than 5 if the page is longer.

Find it on App Store


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