Screen Time at a High Level

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Screen Time at a High Level Dear Friends, If there’s one reverberant theme to parenting in the 21st century, it’s our collective concern about screen time and the effect it’s having on our kids. In fact, the top parenting concern today is the overuse of technology. Inevitably, the subject comes...

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Social Media at a High Level

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Social Media at a High Level Dear Friends, We set out to get to the bottom of social media and what we need to know about it for our kids. With so many provocative headlines warning parents about the dangers of social media alongside others extolling its benefits, it’s...

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Why Everything in Moderation is the Key

Dear Friends, In this recently published survey, only 3% of people could accurately name a female tech executive (10 people actually cited Siri or Alexa!). In contrast, 57% could correctly identify a male leader with Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg mentioned most frequently.

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Is Three Hours Too Much?

My son is doing well in school, but we don’t feel he’s challenging himself and we’re not comfortable with the amount of time he spends playing video games. He’s often in his room for hours communicating with his real-life friends who are also playing the same game from home....

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