Parenting Technology Talking Points

Conversations before kids get online

PARENTING TECHNOLOGY TALKING POINTS Here are Some of the Major Parenting Technology Talking Points: Parental Controls - Why? Often kids like things just the way they are and question why anything has to change. When parents begin instituting new rules and setting up parental controls, kids may get angry....

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How Can I Just Shut It Off?

My son is doing well in school, but we don’t feel he’s challenging himself and we’re not comfortable with the amount of time he spends playing video games. He’s often in his room for hours communicating with his real-life friends who are also playing the same game from home....

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What’s your opinion of YouTube?

What’s your opinion of YouTube?   What's Your Opinion About YouTube? YouTube is a really difficult one for parents. It can be a great learning tool, but there’s also a lot of questionable content with several recent scandals. Even with adjustments to its algorithm and the addition of 10,000...

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