What Do I Need to Know About Instagram?

 What Do I Need to Know About Instagram? Instagram continues to be one of the most popular platforms for teens, and getting up-to-speed is highly recommended.  Here are some quicklinks to our Instagram Guide: What Parents Should Know What Inappropriate Content Looks Like on Instagram and How Your Child...

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Our Complete Guide to OurPact

Our Complete Guide to OurPact Why OurPact? What sets OurPact apart from Apple's Screen Time is: The Parent-friendly user interface   The easy Block and Grant screen time feature   Multiple Schedules (school vs. summer)   Multiple Blocks in 1 Day (Bedtime AND School)  Easy-to-setup parental controls   When your...

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Our Guide to Circle

Our Guide to Circle What is Circle? Circle helps families to manage screen time across all Wifi and mobile devices. Circle Home is the actual device that connects to your router and helps you to control how Wifi is used on: Computers Smart TVs Gaming consoles Mobile devices When devices...

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SnapChat Guide

Key Features:Snapchats:Text messages that disappear as soon as they are read (unless settings are changed).Snapchat Stories: Teens love SnapChat because it's so easy to communicate with photos. Plus, messages, photos and videos disappear after 24 hours which lowers the social pressure to have the perfect imageSnapstreaks:   Status in...

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When the Unthinkable Happens…

Dear Friends, Life has a way of serving up inspiration at just the right moment. Recently, I had the great pleasure of dining with my octogenarian aunt, who at 86 years-of-age, isn’t slowing down. While she did recently move to a senior community, she summarily convinced her new book club to...

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