An Introduction to Bark

An Introduction to Bark  What is Bark? Bark is a social media monitoring tool that helps parents stay on top of their children's online activity. Through advanced machine learning and statistical analysis, Bark alerts parents when its algorithms detect certain words, phrases, acronyms or teen lingo that have been flagged for...

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How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages?

How Can I Monitor My Child's Text Messages? We always recommend that you use Our Family Agreement to set expectations around how you will ‘Parent Technology.’ Open communication builds trust and mitigates major conflicts before they arise. We recommend that parents stipulate that they will always know their child’s passcodes,...

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Parenting Technology Talking Points

Conversations before kids get online

PARENTING TECHNOLOGY TALKING POINTS Here are Some of the Major Parenting Technology Talking Points: Parental Controls - Why? Often kids like things just the way they are and question why anything has to change. When parents begin instituting new rules and setting up parental controls, kids may get angry....

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Parental Controls – Amazon Fire

Amazon, Fire, parental controls

Reposted: from Bark Parents really like the Amazon Fire tablet. It’s equipped with one of the most comprehensive sets of parental controls on the market. Kids can use it to read Kindle ebooks, play games, watch movies, and use social media. Here’s how to set them up: Option 1:...

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